Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Reasons for Booking a Cruise



There are many good Reasons for booking a cruise:

Multiple Destinations - Unpack Only Once
Your floating hotel takes you from port to port or from island to island and there’s no need to pack and unpack, or to mess with train or ferry schedules, or lug your heavy suitcase along with you. Evening suit / tie and beautiful gowns are no longer required. So pack lightly!

Great Value
Get value for your vacation dollar because cruise fares include a fantastic trip: great food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between travel destinations. Many cruise lines offer all this under $100 per person, per night, which is much cheaper than you would spend on land for a hotel, dinner and a show. On some cruise lines, kids even sail free or at discounted rates when sharing a cabin with two adults.

Cruising is Social

If you love to meet people from around the country - and the world - cruising provides a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. On-board, you will meet people at your dinner table, at the piano bar, in the gym or pool-side.

Ships are Like Floating Cities
Cruise ships have everything you could possibly want on-board. Today's vessels are for example equipped with Wi-Fi, cell service and satellite TV so you can stay in touch with the world during your cruise (if you really want to).  On-board shops sell the toiletries you forgot to pack, medical centers can provide medications or a doctor's services if needed, and laundry facilities let you wash your clothes mid-cruise so you don't need to over-pack. Of course, there's also the fun stuff like gyms, multiple restaurants, movie screens, spas, swimming pools, theaters and discos.

Ships Offer a Variety of On-board Activities
Today's cruise ships are designed to keep everyone happy. Want to pamper yourself at the spa while your spouse hits the casino? Or lounge in the sun reading a book while your family plays basketball. You can go to an educational lecture, a wine tasting, a computer class or a dance workshop;

Cruise Ships are Family Friendly
Cruises are fun for all ages. You will have a vacation that your 5 to your 16-year-old will all love, and that has adult activities, too -- ships now have extensive kids' facilities, split by age.

Get Quiet Time and Places on a Cruise
If you can afford a balcony, get one. It becomes your own private refuge - and a wonderful place to sit and relax. You will also be able to find a number of quiet places on board during any cruise - certainly not the pool deck on days-at-sea, but in front of the long windows at a bar during the day, and a number of different decks, inside and out, where you will hardly ever see anyone.

Grand Turks Island


No Single Mosquito on Board!

What I love most on cruises: there is not a single mosquito on board!  Coming from Canada where you can only sit on your patio with a screen to keep these critters out, it is a pleasure to sit at night on your state room's balcony with the light on or a candle and read or watch the stars, without being bitten or having to spray yourself constantly.
So have lots of fun on your next cruise!

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Dunn's Falls Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Useful Accessories for Any Trip, Not Only Cruises:

  • I love the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley.  Fits in overhead bins of all major air carriers, and holds a lot of clothing. You can carry it on board of your cruise ship, ready to check-in right away.  No longer waiting for your luggage!
  • A charger is a must!  1,115 times a 5-Star review for the EASY ACCESS AKKU
  • Want to watch the Whales and Dolphins?  Or discover the islands before anyone else? A high-quality, light-weight binocular brings even more fun to your cruise!



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