Friday, July 18, 2014

Rabbit in the Jungle



From a Book Review:
“Alegrete describes in his book the rough neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, his interactions with gang violence, police chases, prison riots, drug dealing and repercussions of street snitches. He met rap artists, criminals, celebrities, CEO’s, academics, people dedicated to good causes in non-profit organizations and everyone in between.

His book describes a life, no thriller author could have come up with.  Most important of all, he shows that there is always a way out, how he learned to make better decisions, into a life with a cause and how important family and friends are.  His book is meant to be motivation and encouragement.

Anthony Alegrete:  "Rabbit in the Jungle tells a classically American story of second chances, hard work and hope.  Sometimes raw and gritty, the book traces Anthony Alegrete’s rise from the streets of Los Angeles, through the penal system, to the halls of academia and the competitive business world of Las Vegas.  Along the way he had a lot of fun, a little trouble and learned some lessons.  This book shares his story in a way meant to be cautionary and inspiring."

With more tricks than Bugs Bunny and more charm than Roger Rabbit he navigated the street culture of Los Angeles during the heyday of West Coast hip hop; navigated safely through prison politics; built a reputation for himself at University of Nevada – Las Vegas and partnered up with local fitness experts to bring a trendy gym to the downtown area of Vegas.

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