Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why Not Write for Magazines and Newspapers?

Are you a writer?  Want to make a living with your art? Focus not only on publishing books, branch out and sell more of your written content, such as short stories or magazine articles. You have lots of material in your manuscripts you can write about! 
Should your blog or website has less than a hundred thousand readers per month, consider to write for magazines with enormous readership numbers, such as:
Huffington Post (43 Million/month)
Salon.com (7,7 Million / month)
Travel & Leisure 950,000 magazine readers
Delta Sky Magazine over 5 Million Readers / month
Wikipedia  provides a list of American / International magazines and their paid yearly circulation:
AARP The Magazine 21,931,184
Better Homes And Gardens 7,624,505
Reader’s Digest 5,241,484
Good Housekeeping 4,396,795
National Geographic 4,001,937
People 3,690,031
Southern Living 2,824,751
O, The Oprah Magazine 2,417,589

Magazines Worldwide:
The National Trust Magazine UK 2,043,876
Mathrubhoomi India 1,600,000
India Today 1,100,000
Australian Women’s Weekly 470,331
Resource: Alliance for Audited Media
US Newspaper’s Daily Circulation:
The Wall Street Journal with 2,378,827 in circulation; The New York Times at 1,865,318; and USA Today with 1,674,306.
Best Paying: In-Flight Magazines
Travel pieces are a staple of in-flight magazines, but only when showing the culture and feel of the place. Airline publications also contain articles on technology, business, sports, and food, as well as lifestyle trends. Some in-flights feature celebrity profiles, fiction, humor and many have regular columns.

A comprehensive guide, listing all magazines and newspapers, you might want to write for:
2015 Writers Market


If only one percent of their readership finds your article and the byline with your name, website and book info … it’s worth to write for them, one might not be able to pay their ads, but having a by-line and often even get paid for an article is worth to send a pitch to their editor.




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