Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SEO Ranking Factors for Blogs and Websites


According to's latest surveys these Search Engine Optimization efforts accumulated to top rankings on Google search results:
  1. Page Authority correlates higher than any other metric we measured.
  2. Social signals, especially Google +1's & Facebook shares are highly correlated.
  3. Anchor text correlations remain as strong as ever.
  4. New correlations were measured for and structured data usage.
  5. More data was collected on external links, keywords, and exact match domains.
Local Search Ranking Factors 2013
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Writing frequently, relevant, quality-content and networking on GooglePlus are a great start to better Search Engine rankings.  Content is also responsible for converting search and the visitors.  More than half of readers or consumers are inclined to buy goods from businesses that provide custom content and blogs will impact their buying decisions. 


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