Monday, July 21, 2014

Looking for a Job in Media?



Would you like to find a position in Media as Morning Radio Show Host?  Or Web and Social Media Specialist?  Video Journalist?  TV Writer/Producer?  Jobs in media offer exciting possibilities, but it is important to realize that this sector is very competitive.
Media Positions in Canada
Media Job Search was designed and developed to help all, who work in media related professions, search for new jobs and is also available for those looking to begin their careers in various media related fields.  At Media Job Search our name states what we do best: announce media related jobs at companies across Canada.  MJSC offers the largest database of Canadian media related website and e-mail addresses than any other website on the net, which includes most search engines. 
Media Job Search has posted over 100,000+ job ads and has helped 2800 companies from across Canada, to fill media-related positions. In development is a site fur the USA as well.  
Find Media Jobs in America
For Media jobs in the United States one can search at The MEDIA Job, a specialist job site for both job seekers to search Media jobs and recruiters to advertise Media jobs and vacancies online in the United States and worldwide.

Media Match is specialized in entertainment, especially in TV and movie industry.  Check their site for the latest job posts, and an employer directory, sorted by type and location, and leading to the websites of these entertainment companies.

The key to breaking into this industry is experience, persistence and networking - and certainly professional Social Media accounts.


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