Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why it Pays to Affiliate



Earn more with Amazon’s
 Affiliate program.  No matter if you sell books or beauty products, computers or cameras: you will earn from each of the sales you drive if you sign up for Amazon's program.

You can use Amazon’s Associates program to create custom links from your website or blog to your book or products,  presenting your offers in a professional light.  When customers click those links and purchase, you can earn an additional percentage on each sale. 

Other Amazon programs offer even more: Earn up to 15% advertising fees from qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised.  

Make elegant slideshow widgets out of images chosen from products across the entire Amazon catalog – Kindle e-books, CD cover art, DVD’s, books… anything!

Slide Show
Showcase a hand-picked list of products with their widgets. Start by selecting a display format that best suits your website. You’ll then be able to add products and customize your widget and they’ll provide the HTML for you to use on your site.

My Favorites
Use this
 widget tool to recommend your and other authors books. Tell your customers in your own words why you like a certain book or product and how they can benefit from it. Recommend and comment on books and other products from

Deals Widget
Display the hottest deals from Amazon on your web page; The
 Deals Widget lets you select the best “Gold Box” deals which you would like to showcase on your web site. You can even narrow your selection by choosing a specific product category and show discounted items and ongoing promotions from that category.

Darren Rowse, who makes on average $30,000+ per year with Amazon Associates, gives lots of
helpful tips.



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